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NanoSALV Catalytic Advanced Wound Care Treatment Matrix

A Health Canada approved medical device indicated for use in the effective management of acute and chronic wounds across the full continuum of care. This includes:

  • Early-Stage Prevention and Acute Wounds:  Providing skin and/or minor wound support at early stages for both low and high-risk patients, including diabetics, elderly, and immunocompromised to minimize progression into chronic, life-threatening wounds. 
  • Chronic and Advanced Stage Wounds:   Management of severe/chronic wounds to stimulate natural, endogenous healing and exit the stagnant wound phase, aiming to prevent amputation. 
  • Infection Protection: Providing a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect to control and minimize infection against resistant bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and biofilms, while reducing harmful impacts on healing or healthy cells. 
  • Post-Surgical Intervention: Providing post-surgical support to facilitate healing outcomes and minimize infection, re-infection, ulceration, and re-ulceration for high-risk individuals.

The NanoSALV Catalytic Difference

Actively Supports and Promotes Wound Healing

NanoSALV Catalytic effectively promotes and facilitates re-epithelization by providing an optimal environment for natural healing processes to occur. NanoSALV Catalytic’s proprietary NanoKARE™ technology contains copper, a well-known facilitator of angiogenesis and re-epithelization. 

Reduces Wound Inflammation

NanoSALV Catalytic’s proprietary NanoKARE™ technology contains copper, a well-known topical anti-inflammatory. 

Provides Effective Infection Control Within the Matrix

In-vitro studies have shown that NanoSALV Catalytic’s proprietary NanoKARE™ technology provides a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect, including eliminating yeasts, fungi, viruses, and bacteria, including antibiotic resistant strains. NanoKARE™ has also demonstrated effective management and prevention of biofilm formation. 

Provides Moisture Management

NanoSALV Catalytic creates a safe and effective biocompatible barrier that actively regulates the wound’s moisture by absorbing or releasing moisture as needed. NanoSALV Catalytic can be used effectively on both dry and wet wounds with a variety of standard dressing protocols such as bandages, gauze, wraps, and total contact casts. 

Supports Autolytic Debridement

NanoSALV Catalytic utilizes the body’s own moisture to re-hydrate, soften, and liquefy hard eschar and slough when covered with a transparent film dressing. 

  • NanoSALV is an easy-to-use amorphous cellulose matrix gel containing NanoKARE™, our proprietary composite material.

    NanoKARE™ reduces the thresholds needed to achieve optimal healing outcomes, modulates healthy inflammation, and provides safe and effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial and biofilm protection within the gel matrix 

  • NanoSALV regulates moisture to support exudative and dry wound environments.

    For exudative wound, NanoSALV gel absorbs blood, plasma, and other fluids within the cellulose matrix to prevent maceration. For dry wounds, NanoSALV gel aims to release moisture from the cellulose matrix to provide a moist wound environment that supports healing.

NanoSALV Catalytic Advanced Wound Care Treatment Matrix

NanoSALV Catalytic Advanced Wound Care Treatment Matrix indicated for chronic, acute, and minor wounds, such as:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Pressure injuries
  • Leg ulcers (venous stasis ulcers, arterial ulcers)
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Oncology wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Burns
  • Graft sites
  • Donor sites
  • Vascular access or peripheral intravenous sites
  • Superficial wounds
  • Minor cuts
  • Minor skin infections
  • Abrasions
  • Lacerations
  • Skin tears
  • Irritated areas
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