NanoSALV Catalytic: Advanced Wound Care and Skin Health Technology

Using Solid State Heterogeneous Biocatalysts

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Powered by Catalysts

This is what makes NanoSALV unique. Wound healing involves numerous coordinated chemical reactions that require energy input to occur. This required energy input is known as "activation energy," similar to the spark needed to start a car. As we age or develop conditions such as diabetes, our body lacks the resources or the right conditions to create this "spark."

The catalysts in NanoSALV help to lower the energy input needed for a reaction to occur, facilitating faster and easier reactions in the body. Catalyst are also great multitaskers and are very good at:
  • Optimizing Wound Healing

    Catalysts enhance the efficiency of the body's natural wound healing processes, resulting in better and faster healing outcomes.
  • Regulating Inflammation

    In its healthy form, inflammation is short-lived, subsiding as an injury heals or an infection is controlled. However, the body's inflammatory response can sometimes become uncontrolled, resulting in chronic inflammation. Catalysts are effective at balancing uncontrolled reactions, making them very good at managing inflammatory challenges.
  • Providing Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Protection

    Catalysts target a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses, but peacefully coexist with our body. 

Designed at the Nano Scale

The term “nano” refers to the extremely small design of these catalysts. The significant advantage of working at this scale is the amplification of effects with very little amounts of material. For example, if you try to brew coffee with whole beans, there is minimal interaction between the beans and the water, producing a diluted cup of coffee. But, if you grind the beans, the interaction between the small pieces of coffee beans and water increases exponentially, producing a rich, concentrated cup of coffee with the same amount of beans – amplifying its effects. This same concept is translated to the catalysts in NanoSALV, amplifying their effects by a billion-fold. This is why only a paper-thin layer of NanoSALV is needed to work.

Made with Biocompatible Ingredients

The components used in NanoSALV are either already present in your wound biology or can exist in the body without disrupting its natural environment. Unlike some products that introduce unfamiliar materials to the body, NanoSALV complements and supports the body's inherent healing processes. 
In summary, NanoSALV is a novel approach to wound and skin care that employs ultra-small, efficiency-boosting catalysts to kickstart and support the body’s natural wound healing mechanisms, using materials that are compatible and already present within the body’s own biology.

How to Use NanoSALV Catalytic

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