About Us

Healthcare professionals are our partners; patients are our common purpose.

Our Story

There is purpose behind any innovation. For NanoTess, this purpose is crystal clear. As with many great stories, NanoTess’ began with misfortune. 

Many of our team members have been personally impacted by the problems we aim to solve. One of NanoTess’ founders lost both parents to chronic conditions. This journey emphasized the harsh reality facing residents of many countries around the world where families must decide if they can afford potentially life-saving health care. The World Health Organization reported that half of the world’s population lacks access to essential health services, and 100 million people are pushed into poverty due to health-related expenses. 

After being faced with difficult health care decisions for loved ones, our founders launched NanoTess as a values-based, social enterprise committed to providing affordable and accessible nanotechnology innovations to all those who need them. By focusing on patient-first solutions, we offer cutting-edge technologies that bring value to all stakeholders.

Our founding team brings over 40 years of cumulative experience in the material science field, leading to the development of nanomaterial innovations to address a variety of health-related needs. Our journey began with a focus on treating non-healing, chronic wounds, but this is only the beginning! 

  • Quality

    We embrace excellence in quality in everything we do, from product development to manufacturing.

  • Compassion

    NanoTess was founded on care and compassion, stemming from personal experiences with health challenges. Compassion continues to drive everything we do. 

  • Curiosity and Innovation

    We believe curiosity breeds innovation, and innovations can impact and transform lives. 

  • People-Centric

    People are fundamental to what we do, and we strive to improve the human condition while remaining human ourselves.  

  • Breaking Down Barriers

    We aim for accessibility and affordability of our products. We are committed to developing products that improve quality of life for all.