Our Technology

Our products are powered by NanoKARE™, NanoTess' clinically proven proprietary technology. NanoKARE™ leverages the power of composite nanomaterials to facilitate healing and drive therapeutic outcomes.

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NanoKARE™ is safe and effective, created by transforming common elements into novel active surfaces known as composite nanomaterials, capable of promoting healing reactions.

All elements in NanoKARE™ are either present in or can be naturally processed by the body. For example, copper is involved in multiple essential physiological processes of healing, such as re-epithelization and angiogenesis.

  • What is Nanomedicine?

    Nanomedicine is a growing source of disruptive technology that has application in diverse areas such as tissue regeneration and selective therapies.

    Relying on the molecular knowledge of the human body, nanomedicine has the opportunity to revolutionize the health industry. NanoTess' small but mighty technology has the potential to address a variety of unmet health needs. 

  • What is a Catalyst?

    The human body requires catalysts to function; without catalysts, life would not exist. Catalysts reduce the energy barriers required to start a reaction, making it easier for reactions and bioprocesses to occur. The composite nanomaterials in NanoKARE™ steer reactions toward therapeutic outcomes such as actively promoting wound healing.