Solid State Heterogeneous Biocatalysts

A Novel Approach to Wound Care and Skin Health


Everyone will experience a wound or skin challenge in their lifetime.

We all deserve the peace of mind knowing we will heal.

NanoSALV Catalytic Advanced Wound Care Treatment Matrix

A Canadian made, award winning, Health Canada approved medical device. This technology has been used to increase the speed of healing wounds, from small skin tears to chronic wounds, to a wide range of dermatological challenges.
Improved wound healing by


Reduced wound care costs by


Improved mental health and quality of life for patients and healthcare staff

Achieving Patient, Economic, & Operational Benefits through Patented Catalytic Technology

Catalysts make reactions happen better and faster. NanoSALV’s unique catalytic technology optimizes natural wound healing, resulting in better and faster healing outcomes.


NanoSALV’s simple design makes it easy to apply to a variety of wound types, shapes, and sizes, including early-stage intervention, surgical wounds, chronic-stage wounds, and a variety of dermatological challenges. 
Health Canada has approved this product as a medical device with the following claims:
  • Actively Supports and Promotes Wound Healing

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Effect within the Protective Matrix Barrier

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Studies, resources, and clinical peer references are available to assist in the integration of NanoSALV Catalytic within your health care organization. Contact our partner success team for more information.

Canadian Made, Globally Compassionate

Your purchase supports limb saving research to improve patient outcomes through nanotechnology innovations.
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